NXS 15 Mod for NR2003

Check out the new sim racing Xfinity NXS15 Mod available at NSX15.com. This mod comes in 3 physics and has complete carsets as well as 3d render scenes. The guys did a great job on this and is a must have. This mod is available on RaceLM servers. nxs15_mod_for_nr2003_racelm Credit the following: Development ————————————————— King DA Wildling SMOKE OR In Game 3d Modeling/ Scripting ————————————————- King DA Landon Harrison SMOKE OR ONION Graphics/Textures ———————————————— mgcastro JasonRSC Wildling Jason Roush BWallace83 Car Templates ————————————- Wildling 2015 Car Set ———————————————- Jr_Fan Bts15 Chandler Tyson Alan Harkleroad tbakes68 jbraun57 bubba025 steve7151 Render Scenes ———————————— SMOKE OR Special Thanks ———————————- Jeff Strong (Smokin Grafix) SMOKE OR & the Om3ga Racing Team US Pits The Bullring Sim Racing Design Games123 3djedi Eatspit24

NR2003 and rFactor Server Rental and Scoring

Nascar Racing 2003 Season Server Rentalnascar-racing-2003-season-cover

Looking to start or join a race league with the best sim racing game ever created? Many will agree, NR2003 has the best multiplayer and physics model ever created even to this day. With hundreds of tracks and mods available, and for free! Since Papyrus is no longer making the game you can find NR2003 at Amazon, EBay or Craigslist.

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DMRNNS13 Mod for NR2003

design-racing-mods-2013-nr2003Some great work has gone into the creation of the 2013 DMR series mods. Thanks to Denis Rioux and the guys over at Design Mods Racing for their contributions. The DMRNNS series has Cup, CTS and GNS physics and models that include Camaro, Challenger, Mustang, Camry and Impala. The whole 2013 series has been added to dynamic mod control located in your racing control panel.